Kasr Al-Aini medicine agent and his wife were infected with the Corona virus


A medical source revealed, in exclusive statements to “Sada Al-Balad”, that the Kasr Al-Aini medical agent and his wife were injured With corona virus Al-Mustajid, pointing out that after conducting medical tests for his wife, her results were positive.
The source pointed out that the Kasr Al-Aini medicine agent was placed on the Ventilator apparatus for his injury With corona virus.

The source added, that the Kasr Al-Aini medicine agent and his wife were removed from the Ain Shams University isolation hospital.

He explained, that the number of cases of infection with the Corona virus from doctors, according to data received from unions of the branch, 60 doctors, and 4 of them died doctors (two of them were community-based infection away from work).

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Names of the deceased doctors:

Ahmed Al-Loah

Sonya Abdel Azim

Gabriel Ali Youssef

Tariq Shoukry

The union explained, in a statement, that the inventory is still continuing and a candidate for the increase.

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