Khaled Al-Nabawi threatens to retire from acting because of this picture with Reham Hajjaj


Ramallah – Dunia Al-Watan

Actress Reham Hajjaj Poster presided over the series “When We were Young”, and her appearance was before the actor Khaled Nabawi and Mahmoud Hamida, which sparked widespread controversy among the audience.Soon Khaled Nabawi made an official statement, which he published on his Facebook page, threatening to retire from acting.

In the beginning of the statement, he said: “In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful … I have not become accustomed to talking about a matter concerning the scenes of my profession during implementation in order to work primarily, and because I know that people are busy with what is most important .. I apologize this time and it will be the last because I owe it to the public and my family, and for this great profession , And because I am subjected to a deliberate smear campaign, there is no basis for what you claim in every letter on the means of communication. ”

Khaled added in his statement: “I made clear that I did not and do not agree with the media in the streets or on social media and any media that is read, audio or written.”

And he added, “I told Mr. Al-Producer that I did not agree, who in turn informed me that this propaganda was not carried out by his company and that he knew nothing about it and that it would be corrected immediately, and unfortunately it has not happened so far.”

Khaled continued: “I talked a lot with the Captain of the Actors about my great harm to the distortion that is published, and that I do not agree to any propaganda that was published permanently, and that my contract does not stipulate that, but quite the opposite … My contract has full respect for those who are older than me art and age. ..And it has full respect for my art and my name .. as well as the principles and customs that do not agree with that either. ”

Khaled continued: “The respected producer promised me to implement the advertising materials for his company to correct the image and all the errors that occurred .. I hope, God willing, that will happen soon … And as the respected master promised me, the president of the representatives also.”

He added: “In the end I say to those who blame me with love, or those who have longed for hatred, good or bad, there are certainly greater officials than me for correcting the inverted pyramid position, because no one can alone and because no one is responsible alone, it seems to me clearly at this moment that Retirement is the solution. “

Khaled added: “And even I do not leave room for gossip … there are no personal differences between me and all of my colleagues .. I hope that everyone strives for accuracy before he utters any word without verifying its validity so that people do not harm wrong.”He concluded his statement by saying: “The word is a trust that God will hold us accountable for … In order not to leave room for gossip, the facts will be published successively … and everything will be announced to the public at the time … Peace and love for everyone, every year and everyone is fine.”

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