Laila Elwi’s ex-husband is in a very critical health condition


A source close to the businessman Mansour Al-Gammal, the husband of the former star, Laila Alwi, denied reports of his death due to severe pneumonia and a deterioration in liver function, and stressed that the camel is still undergoing artificial respiratory therapy, after the lung was completely destroyed.

Leila Alawi
Laila Elwi and her ex-husband Mansour El-Gammal

The same source confirmed that Mansour El-Gammal had seriously deteriorated his health condition and was taken to the hospital and found to have severe pneumonia, which led to complete lung damage, indicating that he was breathing by the auxiliary devices, as the treating team was trying to stop the deterioration in liver function.

It is noteworthy that Mansour El-Gammal is one of the most important businessmen in the field of real estate contracting in Egypt, and he married actress Laila Elwi in 2007 and they separated amicably in 2015.

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