Laughter Emotion, the most used emoji in Twitter during the Corona crisis


I analyzed Emojipedia More than 200,000 tweets refer to “Corona virus” or “COVID“From 7 to 8 March to identify the most popular emojis used, data showed that funny emojis topped these symbols, followed by the medical mask, the contemplated face, and the microbe.

According to the British Daily Mail, words may not describe the Corona virus that infects the world, so people turn to emojis as a way to share their feelings about the epidemic.

Emotion on Twitter
Emotion on Twitter

Although smileys are usually the most common, the report notes that people may use them to joke or highlight news about coronavirus as a way to deal with an outbreak.

The report also ranked the flags of the most emerging countries, with the highest results including those most affected by the virus, Italy, China, the United States, France and Spain.

People deal with their concerns and emotions about the Coronavirus through social media to express themselves, and they use emojis to do so.

Collected Emojipedia 205,576 tweets analyzed indicating either “CoronavirusOrCOVID-19, In order to identify the most common emojis in discussions of this topic.

The data showed next to the funny faces, the list included the crying face, police car lighting, warning, and the Italian flag, and the surge in use of the medical and microbes mask began at the end of January, when the virus became known to the public and rose sharply this month, which may be Because of most countries that are currently fighting the virus.

As for the report’s classification of the flags of the most emerging countries, Italy was the most used, followed by China, the United States, France and Spain, all of which witnessed most cases and deaths during the epidemic.


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