Mahmoud Abu El-Dahab: I started my career as a “forward” and I was happy to join Zamalek despite my Ahliti


Mahmoud Abu El-Dahab, the former Al-Ahly club defender, revealed that he started his journey with the ball inside the Zamalek club as a striker and not a defender as the Egyptian football fans knew him.

Abu Dahab said, in radio statements to the “One to Two” program with Hazem Imam on Radio On Sport, “Although I am willing, but I did not give up the opportunity to accept the tests of Zamalek’s youngsters, and I was glad that I accepted a big club even though I went without everyone knowing that my brother is Mostafa Abu El-Dahab, the star of the Egyptian Port Said, but what is not known to all is that the junior coaches involved me as a striker.

Abu Al-Dahab added, “I knew nothing about the defense and played some matches as a striker, then I found Captain Farouk Jaafar telling me that you will play Pak Wright and if you do not agree, I am in the club, I told him, of course, you are captain and played Pak Wright.”

Abu Al-Dahab continued, “When I got professional in Austria, I found a delegation from FIFA who came to the club to measure the strength of the corrections for the players and told me your corrections are better than the Brazilian ones, Roberto Carlos.”

Mahmoud Abu El-Dahab is a defense star Alahli football club In the 1990s, he wore the 19th shirt and better than the Libero Center in the history of Al Ahly Club, as he has a 24-foot Yemeni foot as a missile launcher that struck many of the opponents’ goals who were terrified when the referees calculated direct free kicks close to the penalty area

Abu Al-Dahab represented Egypt and Al-Ahly in many international forums such as the African and Arab championships with Al-Ahly and some international matches with the first team, and he was a key player in the military team, and he retreated more than once from retirement and returned to the ball after the urging of some club leaders such as Engineer Hassan Farid, who returned Abu Al-Dahab After retiring months and playing the arsenal and performed wonderfully.

Abu Al-Dahab played for many clubs, and he started his career in Kafr El-Alou club before joining the youth of Zamalek, who easily overlooked him, making them bite the fingers after his brilliance with Al-Ahly, and then he moved to the Mars Club Port Said, then joined the Al-Ahly Club, which witnessed a high performance for Abu Al Dahab in the period from 1993-1997 before To leave Al-Ahly to take on the Austrian Tirol Club, in the grief of the Ahly fans.

After a short professional trip to the Austrian league, everyone expected that Abu Al-Dahab would return to his home to lead the Red Defense again, but the Ahly fans were surprised by the lack of seriousness of the administration to request Abu Al-Dahab’s services again, which prompted the player to return to the Egyptian league, but as a player for the Egyptian club Port Said, who witnessed the brilliance of his older brother Mustafa Abu Al-Dahab In the eighties of the last century, Abu Al-Dahab then moved between the clubs. He joined the newly promoted Goldie for the Premier League at the time and presented a high performance in the end of the nineties. D under the leadership of Ibn Zamalek, Mohamed Salah

After Goldi, he moved to the arsenal and played two great seasons in which he scored many missile goals from direct free strikes, the most famous of which was also in the goal of Zamalek, but this time it embraced the window of Mohamed Abdel Monsef in the general league in 2004 and then moved to the municipality of Mahalla and then to the sun in the first place before finishing his football career. Quietly

Contrary to the goals of the well-known missile, his most beautiful goals with Al-Ahly were against Al-Ismaili in Al-Ismailia Stadium on February 17, 1997. His goal was in the first minutes, inaugurating the famous Al-Sassadiya after he launched from the middle of the stadium and dodged all who faced him from the Ismaili defense until he was faced with Mr. Al-Suwerky, the Ismaili goalkeeper. Then he quietly placed the ball to his left magnificently.


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