Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi comments on his appearance in the Spanish series la casa de papel


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Posted Date: Saturday, 4 April 2020 – 11:57 | Last update: Saturday, April 4 2020 – 12: 8

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        Artist Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi is known for his lightness of blood and his interaction with the public through his accounts on social media.<p>Mahmoud Al-Bazawi posted on his official Facebook page a picture of one of the heroes of the famous Spanish series "la casa de papel" and he joked in his comment on the photo: "One of my viewers and I likewise in Spanish in the series" la casa de papel, as the actor's image is very similar to him. .<br/><img src="" alt="Image"/>

It is noteworthy that Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi participated in the Ramadan 2019 season through several series, including “Abu Jabal” by Mustafa Shaban, and “Question Mark” by Mohammed Rajab.

The series “Abu Jabal” starring Mustafa Shaban, Najla Badr, Maryam Hassan, Diab, Aisha bin Ahmed, Rasha bin Muawiya, Mahmoud al-Bazawi, Salah Abdullah, Muhammad Ali Rizk, Ghafran Muhammad, Ahmed Khaled Saleh and others, written by Muhammad Syed Bashir, directed by Ahmed Saleh.

As for the series “Question Mark”, it is written by Islam Hafez and directed by Samih Al-Nakash. Starring: Mohamed Ragab, Merihan Hussein, Haitham Ahmed Zaki, Jihan Khalil, Edward, Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi, Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra.

The series revolves around “Noah El-Shawaf”, a young Alexandrian who is rich and whose personality changes greatly. During his events, a new face emerges because of his hidden past, which is gradually evident with the development of events.

“La Casa de Papel” or “House of Cards” is a Spanish series also known by the name of Professor as promoted by Netflix Middle East and North Africa, and it is a series of Spanish theft and robbery, produced by Alex Pena by the Antena Network.

The gang of thieves returns in the fourth part with Alvaro Morte (Professor), Ursula Corpero (Tokyo), Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Alba Flores (Nairobi) and Itziar Etono (Lisbon), Miguel Hiran (Rio), Esther Akebo (Stockholm), Jamie Laurenti (Denver), Darko Perec (Helsinki) and Luca Perros (Marseille), And “Hovik Quechcarian” (Bogota), “Rodrigo de la Serna” (Palermo). The roles of “Najwa Nimri” (Investigator “Sierra”), “Fernando Caillou” (Colonel “Tamayo”), “Juan Fernandez” (Colonel Prieto), “Fernando Soto” (Angel) and “Mario” De la Rosa “(Suarez), to arouse enthusiasm in the policemen and eliminate” resistance. ” The cast of lead casts will be complemented with “Pep Monet” (Governor of the Central Bank), “Enrique Ars” (Arturo Roman), “Kitty Manfre” (Maribey), and “Jose Manuel Poga” (Gandia).

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