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Our knowledge is a drop and we are ignorant of “Isaac Newton”, and this is true! Egyptian contract in Berlin, the holes of its beads are only with a laser beam! Light bulbs in Dandara, Fiber Glass! Radioactive materials in granite capsules!

Black holes are able to devour our solar system if we come close to it! Micro-organisms stop the world, and threaten humanity with extinction! Crystal pyramid is three times the size of the pyramid of Khufu under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, “Bermuda Triangle” at a depth of 3048 meters “Ray Brown”, a city steeped in the depths of the circumference of the Bermuda Triangle “City of Atlantis”, the priests of Egypt for Plato – God destroy the world and then rebuild it every ten thousand years »The pyramids of Mexico: the sun and the moon, the people say: the builders of these pyramids are the gods Atlantis came to them from the ocean!

We discovered luminous pyramids, 200 meters away, in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle. Really, our knowledge is a drop and our ignorance is surrounding! The area of ​​this triangle is 305 thousand square kilometers, and it is defined by Florida in the south, Bermuda in the north, the Bahamas Islands in the east in the Atlantic Ocean, this water area of ​​this horror triangle differs from any water area equal to three:

1- The ratio of disasters is one hundred to one.

2- The disaster happens suddenly! No time even for distress.

3- No remains .. no trace .. no sunken bodies ..

No lifeboats … as if they went to Mars!

A giant ship – Albonanza – was carrying 32,000 tons of coal that disappeared! The giant ship Queen Mary was carrying 15,000 tons of melted sulfur! She disappeared with all that is in her and on her .. No trace! Hundreds of planes … disappeared!

There are theories trying to explain, including:

1- Antimatter: Paul Dirk Anti-Matter If she meets matter as a plane or a ship, the two turn into gamma rays in a split second! As if the little fool had read this theory and asked Muhammad Abdul Wahab to sing:

My beloved, the implicit eating of place fancy.

Set fire around and they made us smoke !!

This is possible if the two beloved electrons and positrons!

2- Black holes “Stephen Hawking”. Ten suns, like our sun, are stacked in a 40-mile ball! The outstanding ones weigh thousands of tons! Infinite gravity, do not allow light to take off, become black holes that devour everyone who approaches it!

3- Glass pyramids in the depths of the Bermuda ocean.

4- Flying dishes “The kidnapping of the Australian pilot, Conten Fogarty, on December 3, 1978.

5- Albert Einstein’s unified field, which Bertrand Russell expressed, saying: It is true horror, it is death itself when a thousand suns explode in the sky, if only God had not separated it! Einstein spoke to his friend Pratrend Russell: You have executed these laws of the “U.F.T.” Humanity has not yet matured to know these laws.

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