MBC: The media statement does not apply to “Ramiz Majnoun Official” and the program will be shown on time


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A source in the «MBC Group», commenting on the statement issued by the Media Syndicate regarding the ban on broadcasting the program “Ramez Majnoun Official”, that this decision issued by the media union is for media outlets that are broadcast from within the Arab Republic of Egypt and it does not apply to the group of MBC channels », As it is a group of non-Egyptian channels and broadcasts from the United Arab Emirates in accordance with the laws followed.

Dr. Tariq Saada, captain of the media, announced today that Ramez Jalal will not appear on any media outlet inside the Arab Republic of Egypt until his legal status is reconciled. The decision stated that this came with reference to what was stated in the report of the Observatory for the Media Syndicate regarding violations of the official Ramez Jalal program, presented by Ramez Jalal.

The source emphasized in the «MBC Group» that the program “Ramiz Majnoon is an official” produced by a company registered and legally registered in the UAE, filmed in the city of Dubai, and has record viewership rates on all platforms and channels that are presented to it, namely MBC Egypt, MBC1, and MBC Iraq , And MBC5 for the Arab Maghreb, which all broadcast from the UAE to all countries of the world, via various satellites, in addition to the platform «Watch» for video on demand «VOD», and the program continues to display it on time immediately after breakfast, and the program hosts in the episode «Tonight» The artist Jasmine Rais.

The same reliable source indicated that this type of entertainment program is present internationally and enjoys great popularity on many of the leading televisions and networks, and the same applies to “Ramez” program in every season, as evidence that the first and second episodes of “Ramez Majnun Official” for this season have enjoyed With record viewership and millions of interactions, today it is at the forefront of most preliminary estimate studies of viewership, and the number of views of the program’s promotional advertisement on the Internet and social networks has exceeded 34 million views so far.

The same source concluded by stressing that the program’s episodes are broadcast only after obtaining the approval of the concerned guests, after exposure to the mold and not before it, so that these approvals allow the episodes to be presented in a framework of mutual understanding and mutual trust.

MBC renews its respect and appreciation to its fans everywhere, with its constant commitment to provide unique and entertaining family entertainment content that meets the tastes of millions of audiences, in all circumstances and times, during Ramadan and beyond.

Note that the program has practiced media work outside the Arab Republic of Egypt and in accordance with the procedures followed in the United Arab Emirates and therefore it is not addressed by the Media Syndicate Law.

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