Mia Khalifa doesn’t care, she uses all of you to get money


Lebanese pornographic actress Mia Khalifa celebrated the arrival of 20 million of her followers via the social media, thanked her fans for their love for her, and hinted that she does not care about who hates her, and all she cares about is the increase in the number of her followers.

Mia wrote a comment on a recent photo of her: (20 million followers, thank you all for your love, and thank you for your hate too).

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So porn actress does not care about your negative comments on her pages and just your follow-up to it increases her popularity and makes her earn super money.

On the other hand, Mia prepares for her wedding, which will take place a few months later, and she wore the wedding dress to try it before her big day.

Mia Khalifa with the most recent photo published


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