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About 10 years ago, Nisreen Gamal moved to Italy to start a new career and life, but the Egyptian doctor found herself in early 2020 in the heart of a health system facing the most serious epidemic the world has known for decades.

Italy, which has long boasted of a health system among the best in the world, according to WHO data, was prey to the emerging Corona virus, and until a few days ago, Europe was the most affected by the global epidemic, before Spain removed it from the forefront.

According to the Sky News Arabia, the last official count announced at the time of writing these words, that there are 162488 injuries and 21067 deaths in Italy, knowing that it is one of the ribs of the “black square” in Europe, which includes 4 countries that crossed the 100,000 mark, which are in order Descending Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

How did the epidemic appear in Italy? Who is responsible for spreading this dangerous form? Is the country has crossed the peak stage? And when can life return to normal there? These are all questions raised by “Sky News Arabia” in his talk to Nisreen Jamal, an internal medicine doctor working in the university hospital in Modena, on the borders of the Lombardy region in northern Italy, where the virus strokes were the strongest.

Nesrin Jamal says that Italy’s first known corona virus was not in the north but rather in the capital, Rome in the south, where the first two cases of two people coming from China were detected on January 29, weeks after the disease appeared in its cradle, Wuhan, central China.

turning point

As for northern Italy, the epidemic was known about 3 weeks later by a 38-year-old man living in Cuddone, Lombardy, when he had some chest fatigue and visited the hospital, but the doctors did not detect other symptoms and advised him to return to his home.

But after 4 days, the man returned to hospital with more severe symptoms, and he was diagnosed with the Corona virus on February 23.

Here the story does not seem disturbing, but the matter differed in view of the nature of the man who loves sports very social, where doctors concluded a map of huge contacts with him over the days before his injury, which included many among friends and pioneers of a cafe he used to visit and athletes in a marathon he participated in, and colleagues Where he loved football.

Among those who were transmitted infection through this man, his pregnant wife, and his father who could not bear the complications of the disease and died later, while the man and his wife survived.

On the day after he was diagnosed with Corona, the authorities decided to completely close the city of Cuddonio, and within 3 days it detected 130 injuries, which necessitated preventive measures in the area where 11 surrounding cities were isolated.

who is in Charge?

“The government’s response to the crisis was late,” she says, noting that the decision to completely shut down Italy was not made until March 8, but before that date the measures were fragile and non-binding, which may explain why the country was severely affected by the epidemic.

The Egyptian doctor rejected reports that blamed Italian citizens known for their fondness for family meetings and meetings, and held them responsible for spreading the disease, saying: “In the beginning they were reassured (as there are no strict procedures on the part of the government). They will not commit to their homes on their own initiative and without alerts from The state, but once they were asked to stay in their homes, they immediately complied with the orders. ”


And over the last days, the numbers of injuries and deaths in Italy indicate that the country has succeeded in overcoming the peak of the disease, but this does not mean much for Nisreen Jamal, at least for the foreseeable future, the possibility of lifting the isolation measures imposed in all parts of Italy is not yet in sight, And if some areas are trying to reduce it in a limited way and in a few sectors.

The doctor adds: “Italy is in a significant improvement, but no measures will be lifted until the disease prevalence marked with R0 is less than the number 1, and this symbol indicates the number of people who can catch the infection from one patient, and this number has reached in some areas Italy to 4 “.

At the very least, Italy continues the isolation and closure measures until May 3, but this date also does not mean that life will return to normal after it, as the health status will then be subject to a comprehensive evaluation.



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