Model Haile Pepper shares her followers with the secret of her glow, the most important white mask


Most girls are keen on taking care of their skin and beauty all the time, so they are keen to know the routine of star care, supermodels and celebrities with their beauty to appear with a distinctive look all the time. She shared her beauty care routine with her followers while adhering to home insulation.

Model Hayley Bieber
Model Hayley Bieber

According to the site of the British Vogue magazine, if there is one thing that celebrities can do to raise the moods of girls during the social spacing, it is sharing the secrets of skin care.

During a session Ask Me Anything Ali Instagram, Hayley Bieber invited 26.1 million followers to tell her the products they love and the skin concerns they are having, sparking an avalanche of responses, after which, she takes an insight into her own beauty routine.

Model Haile Bieber
Model Haile Bieber

There was a lot of talk about acne, which gave Hayley the opportunity to talk about treating the skin by recommending the products, and she advised a fan who described their acne skin as “weak”, saying: “I suggest using a vitamin C serum, it is good and hydrating. Nice”.

The model also confirmed that she used a “diaper rash cream” for pimples, and she tried acupuncture to “balance the hormones” and reduce associated acne, and described the benefits of using health products that contain ingredients such as tea tree, to help eliminate stains, but admitted that they are still Guilty of blasting one of the warts from time to time.

Hayley Bieber
Hayley Bieber

Other common skin complaints that arose during the “Hayley Pepper” meeting with her followers were dehydration and redness, and she told one of the followers who complained about the contrast of skin color and dryness: “I am with you in this matter, sometimes it is difficult to maintain the health of our skin because we have a lot of External causes that affect it like weather, pollution etc. So my skin becomes very dry and red when it is cold. “

She advised them to take care of dry and sensitive skin emphasizing applying products when the face was slightly moistened, to help the skin absorb better, as well as using hyaluronic acid, which she said she liked very much.

And because the glow of the skin is what all the girls are looking for, Bieber said about him that it is the main thing that she wants for her skin, too. Then, wash it off, and finally put a good face oil or serum to help add more glow.


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