Modifying the date of the presentation of Ahmed Al Shugairi’s “Ehsan from the Future”


Cairo – Mahmoud Salah

  Saturday, 25 April 2020 - 01:14    </span>

Amending the date of the Ahmed Al Shugairi show, “Ihssan Al Mustaqbal,” as the dates of the program were announced on the network “mbc”, Which Shukairi brings back to the screen after years of absence.

The dates of the new Ahmed Al Shugairi show

Return after a long absence for the journalist Ahmed Al Shugairi with his new program, “Ihsan from the Future”, which will be shown to each of the channels mbc And mbc Egypt, where the program has been scheduled to air, as it will be shown on a channel mbc At 05:00 KSA time, while it will be shown on a channel mbc Egypt at exactly six oclock Cairo time, and many followers in the Arab world are awaiting the Shuqairi program, which in the past they used to be continuously present in Ramadan, specifically through its famous program “Khawatir” which he presented for many years.

Ahmed Shuqairi

Ahmad Al-Shugairi’s long absence from programs in Ramadan

Informative Ahmed Shuqairi He has been absent for a long time from presenting the programs, as the last program he presented was called “The Cockpit” and it was shown 5 years ago. The programs presented by the journalist Ahmed Al Shugairi receive wide attention from a large stream of Arab audiences because of the ideas they carry that attract the public’s admiration because of their goals that they call To spread positive thoughts in society and among its youth.

Ahmed Al Shugairi faces rumors

Informative Ahmed Shuqairi He was chased by many rumors during the past years, one of which was his rumor of his death, as some in 2017 circulated news of the death of the journalist, which caused great sadness for all his fans around the world, but soon those close to him published this denial of this information and confirmed that Al-Shukairy decided only to stay away for a while from the means of communication The social and nothing more than that, they asserted that the news that was circulated is false and false, and they asked the Shuqairi public to stop repeating such kind of unrealistic rumors, and demanded punishment for the source of these rumors.

The journalist Ahmed Al Shugairi


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