Mohamed Ramadan receives the first communication against him in front of the Public Prosecutor because of “Mashhad A.”


03:16 PM

Wednesday 15 April 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

Lawyer Samir Sabry submitted a report to the Attorney General against the artist Mohamed Ramadan, against the background of his celebration of the end of filming of his new series, “Al-Prince”, with a video clip that appeared with the seriess work team, standing at close distances without wearing masks and gloves, and adhering to the precautionary instructions to prevent the new Corona virus “.

Sabri said that he filed a communication against Muhammad Ramadan under No. 19163 of 2020, explaining: “Muhammad Ramadan was doing the Prince series, and after the filming was over he made a big celebration,” adding: “He was present in the video that Ramadan posted on his Instagram page, more than 100 people Without any protection measures, and without wearing masks and crowds. “

The lawyer added in statements to “Masrawy”: “Muhammad Ramadan violated all health instructions and instructions of the government, and everything that he did is against the law, and Muhammad Ramadan is fluent in breaking laws and not respecting customs and traditions,” he said.

The text of the communication submitted by Samir Sabry to the Attorney General stated: “In light of the difficult circumstances the world is witnessing as a result of the pandemic of the” Corona virus “, and the strict measures taken by the Egyptian state to limit its spread, and what the doctors and nurses of the White Army are doing. Sacrifices to limit the spread of this virus, we went out against it through his personal page on the social networking site “Twitter” with a video in which he appeared among a large gathering of his new series “Prince”, which numbered more than 100 people to celebrate the end of filming the series.

He continued in the communication: “ignoring the precautionary measures taken by the Egyptian state to prevent the spread of the” new corona virus “, the most important of which is to prevent gatherings and the existence of safe spacing distances between people, in addition to not wearing everyone who appeared in that video amid this crowd of protective masks, Which confirms with him that what the amount did against him in the aforementioned video is a reduction in the importance of the measures taken by the Egyptian state to confront the “Corona emerging” virus, and in front of that the amount can only be submitted to your request with this communication seeking and after reviewing the portfolio of documents attached to it, issue the order By taking the Is required by law for the amount against it. “

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