Monthly accounting system and the value of the meter .. We publish the rules for installing the meter


02:36 PM

Thursday 02 April 2020

Books – Mohamed Nassar:

The Cabinet, during its weekly meeting, today, Thursday, via video conference, approved the executive rules for installing the code counters.

The new rules for the installation of the prepaid code counter for all buildings and installations violating and illegally connected to the electrical current, with the abolition of the system of practices, include the following:

– The installation of the code meter is temporary until the next two months, either the legal status of the building is reconciled, according to the Reconciliation Law and a certificate is issued to that effect from the competent authority.

– Replacement of the code counter and the installation of a legal meter if conditions are reconciled.

– If the situation is not reconciled or legalized and the removal decision issued for the violating building is implemented, the code counter will be raised.

– The installation of the code counter does not give any legal rights to the violator regarding the building, and it may not be relied upon to arrange any rights in this regard.

Concerning accounting, it is carried out with the same categories specified for the electric current consumption slides approved by the Council of Ministers.

Citizens may install the value of the non-interest meter assay over 24 months, as a contribution to raising the burdens on citizens and encouraging the installation of the prepaid code counter.

– The Ministry of Electricity will announce later the date for receiving requests from citizens, after completing the precautionary measures to confront the “Corona” virus, in order to preserve the health of citizens.

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