Morocco: We controlled Corona … and death toll is declining


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Moroccan Prime Minister Saad Eddine Al-Othmani confirmed today, Thursday, that his country was able, thanks to several factors, to “control and control the spread of the Corona virus epidemic” in the Kingdom.

Al-Othmani said, in a speech marking the convening of the government council: “Praise be to God, the cases of recovery are increasing day by day, and during the last days the number of cases has increased, and the number of deaths has decreased very significantly, although the loss of one soul constitutes an irreparable loss.”

He added, “The index related to lethality in our country has gone from 7%, which is a worrying rate, to less than 4%, and tends to equal the level of the lowest percentages in the world, thanks to the concerted efforts of all and the interventions of the competent authorities, especially those working in the health field.”

The Moroccan Prime Minister reiterated the need to continue to adhere to the quarantine procedures and the various measures taken by the government and the relevant authorities in this regard, in order to move beyond the stage.

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