Mourtada: Cisse and Marouf are not on loan


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Zamalek Club, revealed the fate of the loaned pair Razak Cisse and Maarouf Youssef, stating that the pair will not leave on loan again.

Razzaq Cisse will play for Alexandria Union on loan, in return, Marouf Youssef Rifka has been participating with Arab contractors since the beginning of the current season.

The Zamalek president said in remarks via a video posted on his official page, “Facebook”, today, Wednesday: “There is no player who will go out for loan again, specifically the duo Razzak Cisse and Maarouf Youssef, either staying in the ranks of Zamalek or leave permanently.”

Murtada Mansour renewed his talk about the former Tunisian international player Hamdi Al-Naqaz, saying: “Al-Naqaz is fraudulent and greedy, the player does not have dues at Zamalek club, and this season his contract consists of four installments that he received three installments from them, namely August, January and April.”

He continued: “If we consider the dues of Al-Naqaz in the months also, the player will be condemned to the club because his dues before his departure, specifically in August and September, are 700 thousand pounds, he obtained 950 thousand pounds because the club bears the dues of his agent Nabil Abu Zaid after the player complained to the Egyptian Football Association, which threatened him Suspended for not receiving his due, which is estimated at $ 132,000.

He concluded: “Al-Naqaz does not have any dues with the Zamalek Club. Rather, he has money, and he forged and swindled his company with his lawyer.”

The International Football Association has imposed a financial penalty on Zamalek, estimated at one million and 250 thousand dollars due to the lack of competence over its dues, according to the statements of the player and his Tunisian lawyer, Anis Ben Mim.

It is worth noting that Al-Naqaz moved to Zamalek from the Tunisian coastal star in January 2018 before the player decided to leave during the current season on the grounds that he did not receive his dues. The Tunisian international then headed to Lithuania by playing for Sudova.


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