Muhammad Fadl: I lost a part of my popularity and Al-Ahly made a mistake


Mohamed Fadl, a member of the Interim Football Management Committee, stated that he lost part of his popularity due to his current position, saying that Al-Ahly had made a mistake in the statement regarding the postponement of the Zamalek match in the first round, and that Amr Al-Janaini always communicated with Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek.

“I lost part of my popularity that I gained in the nations of Africa because of the period of work in the Football Association, because the Football Association is the oblique wall for everyone and it is not popular,” Fadl said in his statements to the channel “On Time Sports”.

He continued: “I do not regret going through the experience of working in the Football Association, and I always work in principle in all situations that are presented in front of me.”

He added: “Al-Ahly’s board of directors issued one wrong statement, and this was due to the postponement of the team’s match against Zamalek in the first round, and Al-Ahly was not convinced that there were security reasons, although I was in constant contact with him.”

He continued: “In this match she was in constant contact with officials of the two clubs, and contact was made with Mahmoud Al-Khatib in Al-Ahly, and Ahmed and Amir Mortada in Zamalek.”

He concluded: “Amr Al-Janaini is in constant contact with the President of Zamalek, despite everything that is said, and what happens in closed rooms is completely different from what is announced.”


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