Muhammad Ramadan provokes his fans again in this way


Artist Mohamed Ramadan still maintains his method, which he devised to provoke the audience and his colleagues in the center, where he always intends to show the luxury of his cars and intends to show it in all his forms.

He recently published a new video through the feature of the storyboards attached to his personal account on “Instagram”, in which he appeared inside his luxury car listening to the famous song “3 Beats” by the singer “Abu”, which he had sung in the first round of the El Gouna Festival, where Ramadan is presently, Commented on the photo, saying: “El Gouna .. the Red Sea.”

Ramadan had released through “YouTube” the full song of his new series, “Al-Prince”, which he is starring in the upcoming Ramadan season, and the song bears the name of the series.

It is taking place in a social and dramatic framework in family relations. Muhammad Ramadan, Ahmed Zahir, Edward, Muhammad Alaa, Muhammad Hatim, Nour Lebanese, Rogina, Naglaa Badr, and Rim Sami, are participating in the series, featuring on the DMC screen and participating as a guest of honor Salwa Osman, Rehab El-Gamal.


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