Muhammad Yusuf: Tariq Hamid, not Ibn Al-Zamalek, and Haidef Al-Ahly if he joined


Mohamed Youssef, the star of Al-Ahly and the former Egyptian football, confirmed that there is a possibility to play Tariq Hamid for the Red Team, especially as he is not a son of Zamalek and moved to him from the ranks of Smouha and therefore in the time of professionalism everything is possible.

Mohamed Youssef said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: “Al-Ahly is capable of winning the African Champions League this season, as the team has a strong list, and on the authority of the current coach of Zamalek and the former Al-Ahly, Youssef confirmed that a good coach is distinguished by his mastery of psychological interaction with the players … his crisis in Al-Ahly did not have a strong list, but at the moment Zamalek has very good players, especially on the offensive level. “

Mohamed Youssef added that Saleh Jumah’s continuation in Al-Ahly depends on the coach’s understanding of Al-Ahly, advising the player to commit to and use this golden period in his football career.

Mohamed Youssef is close to returning to the ball of the Red Castle starting next season, and according to a source within the Al-Ahly club management, there is a trend within the Board of Directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib by assigning the position of junior director of Mohamed Youssef to succeed Fathi Mabrouk, who is to take another position.


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