Mustafa Fahmy reveals the secret of his permanent youth and the number of his marriages


Egyptian artist Mostafa Fahmy talked about the secret of his grace and youth, his brother and artist Hussein Fahmy, and many of their personal secrets.Mustafa Fahmy, said during his meeting on the “Sahranin” program with the artist Amir Karara, broadcasted on one satellite channel: He has the equipment at home and uses it lightly, ”Julioli magazine reported.

Hussein Fahmy also stressed his strong love for sports and his hatred for the evening, saying: “I love life in the light. “.

He added: “I am a sports addict, when I feel I have the pressure to play sports and teach my son that he is reaching his energy in sports, and I lost 11 kilograms of my weight recently because I was subjected to a severe diet.”

He described his brother, artist Hussein Fahmy, as “el-Farfoush”, stressing that he only grows it on paper but in fact he is the oldest, explaining: “Any need they say to them, go ahead, ask Mustafa.”

He continued: “We used to go to sleep two or three days and come back again, and now I stayed up late with my wife and go out for hours with a group and hours on our own, and I love the two.”

On his marriage, he said, he married three Italian, Egyptian and Lebanese women, noting that the Italian is the mother of his sons.

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