Nagy reveals the secret of Jose’s passion for him because of training in Iran


Ahmed Nagy, the former Egypt goalkeeper coach, and Smouha the current revealed the scenes of work with Portuguese Manuel Jose in his experience in Iran after his departure from Al-Ahly.

He said Ahmed Naji In statements to OnTime Sport 1, I said: “I told Jose I would work as an intelligence before working with him in Iran, and I understood what I meant as a draft, and after that I told him I agreed and put him on my paspora, which ended in the mistake, and he made a problem and said I did what you thought. I understood the situation, and then I sold him the correct Passport, and he asked me to work for the Jeddah Union, but Al-Ahly refused to let me go.

Ahmed Nagy commented on his career in the ball when he was a goalkeeper, then the early retirement and the direction for training, where he said: “I succeeded in training more than the stadiums and glowed more in training the goalkeepers and it was good luck that I enter the training profession early because it is a burdensome profession and my training was greater than Pitches. ”

On the failure of the Egyptian team in the last nations of Africa in Cairo, he stressed that Egypt’s decision to host the nations of Africa confused our accounts and there were players in the main body who were out of the accounts, and the preparation plan was changed after the decision to hold competitions on the Egyptian lands.

He explained: “I took a humanitarian stance and decided not to work as a goalkeeper coach after coaches with whom I have a friendly relationship or behind one of my sons whom I trained before, saying:” I worked in Smouha because Imad Al-Mandouh is linked to Hassan and it was normal for him to leave with him, just as Hamada Sidqi The coach presented my name to Faraj Amer, the club president, and he was very happy after I learned of my welcome to be there Smouha. ”


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