“National Research” reveals the initial results of the effect of “Avigan”


06:28 PM

Tuesday 14 April 2020


Dr. Muhammad Mahmoud Hashem, head of the National Center for Research, confirmed that the preliminary results of a study of the effect of the “Avijan” medicine on the emerging corona virus, which Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research supplied to the center, indicated positive indications.

Hashem indicated, in an official statement issued today, Tuesday, that the center is currently studying the impact of more than 70 drugs to know their effectiveness and their impact on “Corona virus”, including “Avigan”, stressing that the center with its capabilities and the army of its scientists is one of the most important research arms of the Egyptian state.

He said that the center’s administration has assigned a number of research teams in this field to devise vaccines or treatments to fight the spread of the virus based on the role of the center and its keenness to confront the pandemic of the Corona virus, and the experience of its scientists in the field of viruses in addition to its possession of the Center for Scientific Excellence in the field of viruses.

The head of the National Research Center affirmed that the center is an independent research entity affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and all its activities, whether related to confronting the Corona virus or any other research activities required by the state under the guidance of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

He explained that the research teams work with funding from the center’s budget, and there is no support or funding from any other party, whether local or international, denying the relationship of the center with any statements or data that are circulated by individuals, bodies or other entities except issued by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research or The head of the center only.

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