Nefertiti Lebanon .. Nadine Nassib appears in a dress similar to the queens of the Pharaohs and comments: Semi historical film


I participated Lebanese star Nadine Nassib, A picture sent to her by one of her fans and appears in her wearing the Pharaonic costume as if it is one of the queens of the pharaohs, and Nadine Nassib published her image in the uniform of the pharaohs via her official account on the website “Instagram”, and expressed her admiration for the picture, saying, “Who does not know who Heidi did?” Similar to the poster of an Egyptian historical movie, many of whom share the following, the picture is an excellent horoscope … if you knew who it was, please tell me.

Earlier, the star, Nadine Nassib Njeim, decided to celebrate her son’s birthday despite the current atmosphere and commitment to house isolation, as she published a set of pictures of her celebration with her children at home, through her account on “Instagram”.

Nadine commented on the pictures, saying: “I could not have a holiday with you, my life, your birthday, even at home alone, in the pajamas … I wouldn’t have a heart to celebrate your birthday without cake. I had to tell you that I love you and pride in you and are happy with you. Health, happiness, joy, and wishing you the best days and away from you the children of the Sacred, Disease and Evil. God willing, the crisis will be well for the good and the year to come.

In a remarkable comment, the Lebanese star, Sirine Abdel Nour Ali, wrote pictures of Nadin’s celebration of her son’s birthday, despite rumors of differences between them, saying: “God bless you, and protect you.”

And Nadine Nassib Njeim Najim celebrated the arrival of her followers on her Instagram account to 10 million followers, thanking all her followers for their love for her. On this occasion, Nadine underwent a photo session with her children on the snow.

Nadine wrote: “Thank you for the 10 million followers, lovers, and those who are high on the mountains. I tell you that God has dedicated me to the love of people. There is nothing more beautiful and stronger than that, but rather, it is the most powerful weapon. Thanks always and never for your love, appreciation, and support for me during the 11 years of Jovanni. We call on God to perpetuate love and increase it. “


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