New medical study reveals effective treatment in the face of emerging corona


A recent medical study revealed that the drug “Symifer” has proven its effectiveness with a number of infected patients With corona virus The outbreak, which resulted in the death of many people around the world, and the quarantine of the injured This is according to the “skynews” news network.
According to the study conducted by the American company Gilead Sciences specialized in the pharmaceutical industry and published its results in the magazine “New England Journal of Medicine”, the drug “Symifer” achieved promising results for 53 patients With corona virusAnd, with their health conditions vary greatly, which led to the discovery of new hope for treatment.

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According to the results of the study, the doctors who supervised the experiment observed an improvement in 36 patients, whereas in 8 cases, no positive changes occurred, and 7 patients died, after the adoption of “Symifire” in their treatment.

The authors found that the mortality rate of patients treated with the drug was lower than that recorded in other trials conducted in China for patients With the virus They had severe symptoms, while coding side effects of diarrhea, rashes, and low blood pressure were recorded.

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