News of registration of irregular employment in the Ministry of Manpower 2020 .. Link to the ministry’s website


We publish the latest news of irregular employment registration in the Ministry of Manpower 2020, where many search for a link to the ministry’s website, and it is issued The Council of Ministers is the start date for the second phase of disbursement of the grant, after spending the first batch of the Ministry of Manpower, which ended on April 9.

Register irregular employment in the Ministry of Manpower 2020

The grant is an exchange of 500 pounds over a period of three months for irregular employment, as the second stage has arrived after the disbursement of the first batch, You can also access the ministry’s website (from here) The total amount after three months is 1500 pounds, so the goal is The grant is supportive to the irregular employment of current conditions, which is the outbreak of the Corona virus, and the second phase will start from Sunday to May 10, and those who have failed to exchange will be collected in the first stage.

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The second phase scholarship is disbursed, as happened in the first stage. The eligible citizen must go to the places where the grant is granted after he reaches a text message on his mobile phone, the message arrives about 24 hours before the exchange date, the text message contains the date and location of the exchange, and also using the card Smart, must have the national identification card and the message sent.

Work begins with the grant branches of the second stage of the due batch from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon during the blessed month of Ramadan, and coordination will be with the Minister of Local Development on supporting governors and local officials in organizing the work for the grant in the same way that was done in the first stage.

In this context, the Ministry of Manpower clarified that the number of workers who recorded the data until the current April 9 is about 2 million irregular workers, and this data was evaluated and the non-deserved were deleted to reach about one million and 500 thousand workers.

The special and due grant for “daily workers” will be disbursed from 5,700 outlets and branches for the post, the Agricultural Credit and Development Bank, and 600 schools for disbursing the grant.

Registering the irregular employment in the Ministry of Manpower 2020, the hotline 142 was allocated by the Council of Ministers in order to inquire about the eligibility of employment that registered because the employment did not go to the post offices or branches of agricultural development and credit, before they got the text message to disburse the grant.

It is worth noting that the period of reimbursement for the disbursement of the first stage of the first payment was on the days 14-14-16-16 of the current month of April, for those who are eligible.

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