Newspaper: Corona prevent the wealthy from riding yachts in Monaco


Newspaper: Corona prevent the wealthy from riding yachts in Monaco


The Business Insider newspaper said that the Principality of Monaco prevented yachtsmen from operating their cruises during the quarantine.

The newspaper stated that a third of the population of Monaco are millionaires, and some of them own the largest and most famous yachts in the world.

It is worth noting that Monaco, located on the French Riviera, temporarily banned all rich residents from using yachts for marine excursions, as part of measures to combat the spread of the Corona virus emerging.

Owners of cruise ships over 24 meters in length will have to present a health certificate to enter the port.

Of the 38,000 residents of the emirate, about a third are millionaires, and it is usually anchored in the emirate’s largest, most famous, and most beautiful yacht in the world, according to the newspaper.

In 2019, the yacht fair visited 30,000 people and a group of mega yachts worth $ 4.3 billion participated in it.

The American newspaper quoted Raphael Solo, general manager of Fraser Yachts Brokerage, which has offices in Monaco, as saying that the city’s residents fully support the quarantine.

Solo added: “Many of the captains and crew remained on the yachts, that is, in quarantine, but their mood is good, because they want to keep the yachts and themselves in good condition and prepare to lift restrictions in the future.”

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