No entry and exit .. 4 villages in the grip of isolation after the emergence of Corona


Since the spread Corona Virus In the world, the Egyptian state implements a number of strong precautions
To control the virus, among the measures taken by the provinces to counter
The process of isolating those suspected of being infected and those living in the vicinity of any condition that proves a positive pregnancy
For the virus, which prompted the isolation of some villages after it was confirmed that there were infections in Corona Bene
Its inhabitants

In the following report, we review villages whose isolation has been imposed even
Now at the level of the Republic.

Belqas city

The beginning was with the province
Dakahlia, specifically the city of Belqas, where feelings of sadness and anxiety prevailed after the death of two
Because they had
Corona Virus Then the people isolated themselves for fear of disease.

The city from which two departed
Among her children is a victim of this virus – which the World Health Organization described as a pandemic – where it was revealed
Mohamed Salah, one of her sons, about what is going on inside the city of Belqas, saying: “Fear
Leak of people and anxiety, so many isolated themselves and locked their homes for them during the night remained very difficult,
Life after what was 100% natural remained stagnant and reduced movement and natural exit
And we reached 40%, adding, by God, we are a very large country. Our number is close to a million and this isolation
Expected in us; we want to return to life

The hadith of Muhammad is not much different
On the hadith of his town son, Ahmed Ali, who confirmed his words saying: “During the day
Life is a normal livestock and the shops are light as normal, but at night the shops are closed except when God has mercy on the necessity
And pharmacies that are light throughout the day, of course, because of the circumstances in which we are in, at a large center size
And it was difficult for us to see this. “

Kafr Al-Hayat

Gharbia and after the emergence of positive cases in the village of Kafr Al-Hayatim imposed security services in the West
Under the supervision of Major General Mahmoud Hamza, the Director of Security, today, Wednesday, a state of alert
And maximum preparedness at the level of entrances and exits of the village of Al-Hayatam of the Mahalla Center, Aqab
About 10 positive cases and infection appear Corona Virus
The newbie
, Which prompted the officials of the relevant authorities to close all entries
The village and isolating its people and families for a maximum of two weeks in their homes to secure their lives.

in a
In the same vein, Dr. Tariq Rashid Rahmi, Western Governor, His instructions
To Major General Hatem Zain Al-Abidin, Chairman of the Al-Mahalla Center and City Council, to establish an Operations Room
And emergency at the highest level to follow the developments of the spread of Corona infection among the villagers
Because of the injury of her son, who works as a manager of a famous pizzeria in Tanta.

He stressed Western governor in a
His instructions on the necessity of the commitment of all officials of local village units to apply hours
Home ban and the closure of all shops, restaurants, malls and parks
In order to preserve the lives of citizens and compel them to isolate themselves during the ban hours from 7 oclock
Evening until 6 in the morning.

in a
On the other hand, Dr. Abdel Nasser Hamida, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Gharbia, started his role
Entrust free and preventive medicine doctors with the importance of spreading rapid response
Immediate response to Al-Hayatam village in Al-Mahalla Center to implement the procedures
Precautionary and preventive measures to limit the spread Corona Virus
The newbie

He stressed
The health agent has to spread food control within the village of Al-Hayatam to take water samples
And food for examination at the central laboratories of the Directorate of Health

He started
Team members from the Preventive Medicine Department of the Directorate under the supervision of Dr.
Amani Al-Habashi, in implementing the quarantine plan for Al-Hayatam village and dividing it into squares according
Population increase, due to the proliferation of surveillance teams to implement the daily medical survey.

as such
The team conducted its role by passing over 25 houses and interviewing the cases
Affected by Corona virus emerging And explain
Preventive guidance and the publication of health awareness posters in the village.

He demanded
Team members, Village residents, by adhering to segregation, following instructions, and caring
With constant cleansing, and if symptoms appear with them or one of their accompanying or resident
With them, you must report with the commitment of the home until instructed to perform the necessary checks.

6 residential buildings in Port Said

And in Port Said Major General found no staff
Adel Al-Ghadban, Governor of Port Said, managed to issue a decision to isolate the residents of 6 residential buildings and to close
A hospital in various districts of the governorate to control the repercussions
Corona virus emerging.

The governor’s decision to put
I lived in these properties for 14 days, under house arrest, after positive cases appeared
Residential buildings, and ensuring that residents are in contact with these cases as a precaution for prevention
From the spread of the damn virus

It included the decision that took place
“Echo of the country”, in light of it, closing two properties in Al-Dawahi neighborhood, represented by
Entrance 2 in Mubarak and Al-Wafa buildings to young graduates, as the decision included the closure of a property in a neighborhood
Flowers in the Omar bin Al-Khattab area, Building 37

And the Arab neighborhood took the ratio
The largest of the procedures, as it included the electricity building on Mohamed Ali Street, Al-Nasr and Property No.
63 Abdel Salam Aref Street, Riyadh, and Al-Lewah Factory Building, Al-Thalathini Street, in front of a cinema
Egypt and the property located in Al-Safa Hospital on Mohamed Ali Street and the thirty, in addition to
the hospital

village Sharanees

As for Menoufia, it was issued
The governorate decided to place a village in a village
Sharanees Affiliated to Menoufia Governorate
Under quarantine after the emergence of cases infected with the Coronavirus, and the area was closed
Completely prevent the exit or entry of anyone to prevent the spread of the virus

And saw the village 5 of her sons were injured
With a virus
Sk Newbies and injuries included
Head of a family, his wife, two of his children, and the wife of one of them, where the analysis was proven positive and confirmed
She infected them with the deadly virus

Immediately, an immediate inventory of contacts of the cases was made
The injured woman was placed under quarantine in their homes, and samples were taken from them for analysis
The necessary medical care for them to confirm whether or not someone was injured

While the village witnessed the presence of some security forces Ali
The area placed under quarantine to prevent anyone from entering it

Ezbet Abu Rabi`

In Ismailia, the competent security services were imposed
In Ismailia governorate, a self-isolation in the estate of Abu Rabei, seven eastern wells, after a worker was injured
One of the famous restaurants and his wife B
Corona Virus.

Ali Al-Ezba, affiliated with the Ismailia Center, was imposed on a fence
Umniah, early Friday morning, all accesses and exits were closed
to her. Also allocated for the stricken estate, benefits, rations and news for free, provided
In coordination with the executive authorities and distribute it to the people

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