Nour Lebanese: The role of the popular girl in “Al-Prince” is a big challenge .. Mohamed Ramadan is a talented and talented actor who is very tired of his job .. and “Senergy” provided all the precautions during the filming of the series


– My husband does not interfere with the selection of my roles and virus, I prefer to focus with my children more and return, I draw from another

– My son Ayet, when Tamer Hosni saw Bazaqli, in “Good Night”.

The Lebanese star Nour shined in the sky of cinema from her artistic beginnings, and she managed to achieve stardom since its launch in the movie “Short, Vanilla and Cap”, and it was helped by her achieving her mastery in performing various and diverse roles, as well as her beauty, lightness of shadow and a smile that does not leave her face.

And two years ago, she decided to look out on us through dramas, and she participated through the series “Rahim” with the star Yasser Jalal, a work that has achieved great success, and overlooks her fans this year with the personality of “Ola” the popular girl who embodies her for the first time in her life through her participation in The series “Prince” in front of the star Mohamed Ramadan.

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“Noor” spoke to “the seventh day” about the scenes of the work and how its heroes and those who completed it completed its filming in light of the presence of the Corona virus and many other things in the following lines of dialogue:

In the beginning, how did your participation in the Prince series come? What about your role in the series?

My participation in the “Prince” series came through the director Mohamed Sami, who is the one who nominated for this role, and I embody the role of “Ola”, a girl from a popular region. I came out of it for a while and returned again to this region during the events of the series. An ordinary person who is romantic, fanatic, kind, and normally changing, like people who cannot hold on to her feelings, and she is generally a new higher personality because I am the first time to embody the role of a popular girl.

Was the role of the popular girl the first for you, as a result of your approval of the series?

To work as a girl from a popular area was one of the most important reasons for my approval to participate in the series, and it was a great challenge for me and enthusiasm, but approval does not happen for one reason alone, but rather for several reasons, for example, that a company will deliver the company producing the work, it is a very strong company and they have I was gracious in dealing, and of course the presence of the director Mohamed Sami because I know how he will guide me and how I will communicate the feelings of the role and how the result will be, and of course a star the size of Mohamed Ramadan and his works are all sweet and have fatigue and great success.

And how was your preparation for the character?

I am a lot of grocer in Egypt and the topic of the Egyptian popular girl, if I had done it for ten years, I would have said, how can I prepare for this character, but currently I have remained, I have been printed with the country’s characters because I live in it and the normal coexistence of all the characters I had drank, but I worked on myself on a topic The accent itself, however, was not necessary to this degree because Muhammad Sami did not need the popular girl Ui, and all that concerned him was the feeling and reaction of this girl so that she is natural and normal like the good girls but at the same time does not leave her right, and the concept of popular in this role Not in tone or in speech, but in advantages Sweet Elly in the popular girl’s personality.

Didn’t you feel the fear of embodying this character?

I was not afraid of the personification of the character permanently, because it was very sweet, marvelous, and joyful with it, and of course I got tired of this normal thing, like any character with her work in any artistic work, which is the usual job fatigue, but it is not a special fatigue that is very important and can because my enthusiasm and my love for the character cause me not to feel any fatigue Or get tired, and find the series done sweet, not because you worked on it, but really in a lot of important messages, and everyone will take the message that he feels is his own and the situation that belongs to him, for example in people you will learn how to be compassionate and away from injustice, and other people will take the message in a family, and in People will take it romantically.

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Did you encounter difficult scenes while filming the series?

The scenes are not difficult or needy, but the difficulty is that filming is 18 hours. We are not able to say good morning due to the large number of fatigue and physical fatigue, but surely it will be in more difficult scenes than other scenes in terms of feelings and feelings, not because of the difficulty of mastering it, but as I said only for physical exhaustion, As for the scenes of the series, it was very beautiful, and it was in delicious scenes and was in no hurry because we started my role, and I always had enthusiasm, I always go every day, and also because Ahmed Zahir, Edward and Rogina, and all the work is my friends, and all of them are like people.

How do you see the first cooperation between you and the artist Muhammad Ramadan? And how were the scenes?

Actually it is the first cooperation between us, I am very relaxed in cooperation with Muhammad Ramadan, and he is a talented and talented actor who has many needs to say, and a professional who takes his mind from his job, and he at the personal level is a very delicious person and may God reconcile him hard because he works and works very hard and gives his life to work so much Not a little.

And how was your cooperation with Synergie through the Prince series?

This is Lea’s first cooperation with Synergie, and it was really a very nice and simple experience with her and Dr. Shady Allam, the technical manager who was with us, I did not see him other than all respect and taste and in addition he is a professional person and all the problems were always solved and there is no note except that they meet them they solve it and provide the best need Possible, so happy with this experience on all levels and very satisfied.

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Filming of the series witnessed difficult circumstances in light of the Corona virus crisis … How did you face that?

We are fortunate that we were more than 85% loyal to the filming of the series, and there was a little bit remaining, we continued filming them at the time of the Corona virus, but during the filming period this company was going to provide us with a company to sterilize the filming places every day, sterilize our clothes and hands and all the workers wore masks And there was an eagerness to preserve the courses between us and not to approach each other, and every person is sitting in his room and does not come down except when necessary, but from the other, our Lord, who bested her hard.

All life experiences benefit from them .. Has anything changed in the light of personality after the Corona virus?

The most important addition is that sitting at home with my children is more focused, more focused with them than the first, and this is because I have no exit, there are no schools, and there is a different family atmosphere, and I came back to draw again because I had been in my mind for years, I would come back and draw again and not know, because the drawing needs to be left empty and be The mind is elegant, and I was convicted. I started and made me complete. Also, the person must learn from any difficult circumstance to get away from him. He must know the lesson learned from him because there is no need of 100% brutality, and I am sure that we will despair and boredom, but we must not leave ourselves to this feeling.

What is the human or personal story that Nour wishes to monitor through an artwork?

I am currently working on a need in the Lebanese drama and myself doing a lot of needs, and it is clear that the role of the popular girl opened myself, but I do not have a specific need in itself, but I love the needs in which an ordinary person is not fictional because there is no 100% evil person nor is it 100% good %, And the real situations are the ones that give charms and feel.

Is Nour lucky to be the most female actress before all the stars in the first row? And who do you dream of acting in front of?

I and others like us with big stars and stars came out together, but I am fortunate to have presented different roles and with different stars and different directors and this is a good thing, but I am for sure myself representing with Adel Adel Imam Mavihash and the words of Professor Yahya al-Fakhrani of course, because people are professors A school and an entity in itself is a great honor to work with them.

I participated once in the theater through the play “You love to see a tragedy.” Why do you repeat the experience again?

The theater experience was very enjoyable and really relaxed with it, but it is difficult to go into the theater experience again because of the link, time, travel, dates for rehearsals and display, my children and normal living conditions, but it is not impossible.

Your roles were different and varied and achieved great success .. In your opinion, what are the reasons for mastery in achieving this diversity and persuading your audience of this easily?

The topic is not mastery as much as with the time any actor has technical maturity, through life experiences, time and roles, in addition to that the actor’s love for the character is close to the text of the distance, and the director will be essential how he can move you and lead you to the good outcome, so all these factors, of course.

Does your husband interfere with choosing your roles or commenting on them after watching them?

My husband never interferes in choosing my roles, but I can consult him and take his opinion on certain roles that I am confused about, and at the beginning he could not give me his opinion because he does not have an artistic background, but now he knows a lot about acting and art.

How do you keep your work as an actress, wife and mother in your home?

Very, very tired, and I am at the expense of my health and myself, because my children have no invitation to my work, which is my principle. It is the mother’s natural commitment at home, of course, at the expense of my health.


How do your children deal with the nature of your work as an actress and do they talk to you about their opinions in your roles?

Currently, my son Leonardo has a little understanding that his mother is represented by the opposite of my daughter Lydia, not a little bit, but at first it was surprising that people called for me in the name of Nour because my name is at home Marian, so the topic was funny a little but after that I still understood that the name Nour is normal in acting and Marian in The house, but in a very funny situation that the first time I took them with me in the movie “Good Night” in the cinema, and suddenly my son Ait was very clear when he witnessed the scene of Tamer Hosni directed a pistol in Wuxi and Baazqak sitting, so I understood that this is an act and it is so In Mami, the topic was very funny.

What are your wishes at the personal level and at the practical level?

I achieve great success in work, the fatigue is good and people love the character Ola in the Prince series, and myself work a lot of cinema, and myself complete the drawing and takes into account a part in my life, and, God willing, I can work as a gallery if I keep drawing.

the seventh day


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