Officially .. Real Madrid announces the reduction of the salaries of its players


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Advertise club Rial Madrid Spaniard In a way Official discount payroll His players, And that Because Suspension Activities Sports in a Spain Puppet spread virus Sk The newbie.

And he said The club royalist in a statement Official bulletin Across Signed Mail: ”Agreed Players And coaches in a The difference The first For a ball Foot A ball The basket in a club Rial Madrid, to me side Presidents Executives For departments Different In the club, Ali discount Their wages Voluntarily For this Year in the rate of Range between 10% And the20%, And that Because Circumstances Which may be effect Ali End season Athlete Present“.

He added Statement: ”This the decision Take it Players And coaches And the staff, And spare Rest Laborers Existence Which Procedures may be effect on them, as such constribte in a Investigation Objectives Economic For the club distance drop Income calendar Suspension Competitions“.

He continued: ”Be proud of Rial Madrid In all Individuals this is the family Great And culture Value Which No Change, And that to her Values Especially in a Such as this is times Hard“.

He continued: ”Wish family club Rial Madrid And his fans in a Submit All the love And solidarity For those Whose Suffered From consequences directly Because This The virus Which Affects us All of them Especially Those Whose They lost One Individuals The family or Loved ones. we wish Healing Urgent For all Injured, And we advance Sincerely Thanks For those Whose Working in a the classes Front end From Yes Combat The virus“.

By that Joins The club royalist to me Number From Clubs Great Which I decided discount payroll Its stars To limit From Effects the crisis Economic Which Live it Making a ball Foot, distance Suspension all Activities And deprivation Clubs From Their earnings the basic.

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