Omar Gaber offers to get half of his contract in Pyramids to move to Zamalek


Omar Jaber, the right back for the Pyramids team, entered into a strong competition with the duo Ragab Bakkar, the Pyramids player and Karim Al Iraqi, the Egyptian player, to join the ranks of Zamalek, starting from next season.

Omar Jaber presented to my officials Zamalek Through some intermediaries, his agreement to join Zamalek in exchange for half of what he charges in Pyramids in one season, as some kind of appreciation from him for the club in which he was raised, as Omar Jaber is considered a team captain with Shikabala and Hazem Imam.

The Zamalek Council rejects the bidding in the summer deals, as the management of the Mit Oqba Castle sees that the current time is witnessing a reduction in the financial values ​​of all clubs, so there is no reason to enter a competition about any special deal. The team has a large number of distinctive elements in its core strength in different lines.

The Zamalek Council, headed by Mortada Mansour, believes that the deals that will be concluded for the new season will be minimal to meet some needs such as the right and center-back center to provide distinct alternatives to the duo Tariq Hamid and Ferjani Sasi with the thought of bringing in a foreign or local attacker if a suitable professional offer arrives for Mustafa Mohamed The striker of the team during the coming period, after his departure was rejected last January with a promise to agree to his European professionalism at the end of the season, if he received an appropriate offer for him and the White Castle during the coming period..

The French Patrice Carteron, technical director of Zamalek, was keen to discuss his associate apparatus about the team roster in the new season, in the context of the current stoppage period that comes due to the suspension of sports activity to avoid the spread of Corona virus, where Cartier, along with his assistant team in Zamalek, set a perception about the form of the list The team is in the next season and that there are alternatives in each center so that the white does not find himself in front of a glut in a certain position and a single alternative in another position so the French coach prefers that each center have a player or two or three according to the importance of each center instead of employing players in different positions About their position.


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