On Evas birthday … her age, her real name, and Adel Imam are the reason for her fame


Today, the artist is celebrating Eva On her 67th birthday, she is one of the stars who performed many minor roles, but she managed to draw attention to her. Then she rolled her cinematic films, most notably an explosion, a customary passport, a bride of the sea, a wicked challenge and a transit prison with the late Nour al-Sharif and the artist Ahmed Ezz.

Eva appeared in many series including her and we won the issue, a journey in the hearts of humans, Abu Al-Ela 90, the journey of Mr. Abu Al-Elsa Al-Bishri, in which there is a mistake, fleeing from the past, friends, a queen in exile, Masrawy, Ness and his days, the issue of lineage, Asmahan, and Oasis Sunset, the seventh neighbor, another October and love has one last chance.

Despite her few works of art and her old age, she is still stuck in the minds of viewers since the movie “Antar Shayel Saifah” until her latest work, “Love Has One Last Chance” with Dalia Al-Behairi, Faras Saeed and Amal Rizk.


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