On his birthday, the tragic story of Noor’s death


Today, Tuesday, April 28, marks the birthday of the late artist Nour El-SherifIn the Khalifa neighborhood of El-Sayeda Zeinab district in Cairo in 1946, and he passed away on August 11, 2015, at the age of 69.
The last days in the life of Nour al-Sharif before his death were the most difficult, which his wife, artist Bossi, spoke about during her meeting two years ago with the media, Raghda Shalhoub, on the program “100 Questions” on Al-Hayat TV channel, in which she revealed some things that the public does not know, including that Nour Sharif did not He does not know the nature of his illness until he is absent from death, as she and the rest of his family members concealed him all the time because of his lung cancer and they were telling him that he had pneumonia and went to treatment.

Bossi described her late husband as being like a camel because of his potential ability, especially since he was preparing to enter a new series during the period before his death, adding that Nour had no doubts about his cancer because everyone around him was optimistic and had great hope for his recovery even in the last days before His death, 3 days, was going normally. He was in the hospital, and musician Hani Mahanna came to see him and told him that they were going home and that he could visit them better than the hospital.

Bossi confirmed that Nour Al-Sharif did not talk to her about the issues of leaving and death because she and her two daughters always used to humor him, laugh and unite in all humor matters so that his psychological condition would be better, noting that Nour Al-Sharif did not leave a will before his death, nor even recommended her something during his last days.

She revealed that the moment she felt that he was leaving when the heart was unable to beat normally and was transferred to intensive care 3 hours before his death, she felt that he would be dead.


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