On the anniversary of the departure of Nahed Sharif .. The story of her appearance is naked in the movie Wolves that do not eat meat


Today is Tuesday, April 7, the anniversary of the departure The artist Nahid Sharif, Who was born on January 1, 1942 in Alexandria, and left our world on this day in 1981, at the age of 39.
She became famous Nahed Sherif, By presenting the roles of seduction and excitement during the course of her short artistic career, which ended in 1981 at the age of 36 years, during which she presented bold artistic works that reached its height.

The movie “Wolves Do Not Eat Meat”, which was starred by Nahid Sharif in 1973 and filmed in the State of Kuwait and co-starred by Mohsen Sarhan and Izzat Al-Alayli, is her most famous and boldest movie, as it appeared naked in it.

This film was banned from showing, as it was classified as a pornography, in which Nahid Sharif appeared completely naked, which raised many controversies and questions about the reasons for her approval to appear in this way.

Film critic Magda Khairallah revealed, in one of her artistic dialogues, the reason behind Nahid Sharif accepting this type of work, saying: “After the defeat of 1967, Egyptian studios and cinemas factories were paralyzed, and the mass exodus of all workers in the industry who found in Beirut, Damascus and Istanbul studios sanctuary, Where they presented dozens of Syrian, Lebanese and Turkish films.

She added: “These films were of a very weak standard, but the necessities of life forced the movie stars to accept this quality instead of unemployment and desperate waiting for the reform of the state of Egyptian cinema, noting that Nahid Sharif was living more than a tragedy, especially that she was the only family of her sister who was suffering ( Paralysis) and you need permanent care and expenses. However, Nahid Sharif was not of this type who trades his diamonds or complains about his condition in order to obtain sympathy and sympathy for others with him. Bold roles During this period as well. “


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