Organization and Administration: Extending the period of application for delegation to posts for the Public Prosecution


10:27 am

Thursday 02 April 2020

Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, has announced the extension of the period for announcing the delegation of public prosecution posts to the end of April, according to a statement from the agency today, Thursday.

The sheikh said that the tide relates to applying for delegation to public prosecution positions from among the employees of the state’s administrative apparatus published on the government jobs portal of the agency for another month ending on April 30th, in coordination with the public prosecution.

He added that the extension decision comes in appreciation of the current conditions related to the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, noting that those wishing to delegate can view the advertisement available on the job portal and have all the required conditions and details.

The Public Prosecution decided to open the door for registering the data of employees in the administrative apparatus of the state electronically, who are willing to transfer and delegate to the administrative work in the Public Prosecution, as of March 1 for a period of one month, and the application deadline was extended for another month, in preparation for choosing the best valid competencies from among them.

The prosecution stated that it had agreed with the agency to take all necessary measures towards advertising on the government job portal site, starting on March 1, the registration of those who wish to work among the employees of the state’s administrative apparatus electronically.

After the registration is completed, you will take their test procedures at different levels of evaluation in the Authority’s Competence and Competence Assessment Center, in preparation for selecting the best valid competencies among them for the delegation of administrative work at the Public Prosecution.

The Public Prosecution confirmed that it is not in the process of appointing those outside the administrative apparatus of the state, in compliance with the law and the rules regulating this. This announcement means that the Public Prosecution needs workers from different sectors of the state to work in the administrative apparatus of the Public Prosecution after they are transferred from their original work places.

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