Osama Hosni reveals the will of Mohamed Abdel Wahab to him before his death


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Osama Hosni, the former Al-Ahly striker, said that the late Mohamed Abdel Wahab was one of the closest personalities, and that he remembered well the difficult moment in which he fell during the course of life and died.

And «Hosni» added, in statements on the channel «On Time»: «We were in the division, on one side of the stadium, and we were surprised by Abdul Wahab, who was standing far away, falling to the ground, and we only waited 15 seconds when we felt that there was something, so we rushed to him and a doctor The team discovered his death. ”

He continued, “He was very close to me. Besides Al-Ahly, we played together in the military team, and we always went to the club hours before we were having lunch together.”

He revealed: «Two days before his death, I went to the club and found him sitting sad and lonely, so I asked him about his condition, and he said that he is sad for our colleague Ahmed Waheed, who died at the time of an accident, and he told me, I want your hands to need when I die. On the mobile, and he always told me to read it, and at that time I was memorizing the Qur’an, and indeed I memorized it, and always everything I read about Surat Maryam would stop there and read to him al-Fatihah.

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