“Our White Army” … a new song by Hassan Chakouch


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Posted Date: Sunday, April 12 2020 – 23:20 | Last update: Sunday, April 12 2020 – 23:20

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        Festivals singer Hassan Shakoush released a new song entitled "Our White Army", in appreciation of the efforts made by medical teams in Egypt, recently, after the spread of the new Corona virus.<p>Also read: <a href="https://www.filfan.com/news/details/114854" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">After his recent statements ... Mohamed Ramadan publishes this video to Ahmed Fahmy</a>

Shakush, the song, has been posted on his official YouTube channel, which is written by Mostafa Hadouta, and distributed by Islam Sassou.

On the other hand, Hassan Shakoush had revealed his cooperation with the artist Mohamed Ramadan, in his new series “Al-Prince”, through which he will compete in the dramatic season of Ramadan 2020.

Shakosh posted on his Instagram account, a video clip that appeared with Muhammad Ramadan, in which he announced his presentation of the song “The Days of the Series”, which bore the name “My Days Street”, commenting on the video: “Wait for us in the strongest song in the Prince series, God willing, you will love it together with the global Mohamed Ramadan is Ayami Street’s song within days.

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