Picture of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter gathering over the pink moon in the sky of Earth


A picture was recorded of the moment when Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter were lining up over the dwindling pink moon before dawn, as this alignment was filmed in the village of Cobham in the Gravesham Beijing area in England, and while millions of miles planets are far apart from each other, the planets appear close when viewed from Earth, where it appears That the moon passes by.

Aligning the planets

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, next to the lined planets, the moon also appeared, 2 degrees apart from Saturn and Jupiter.

This week the moon will be about 243,000 miles (390,000 km) from Earth, while Mars is 125 million miles (200 million km), Jupiter is 473 million miles (761 million km), and Saturn 936 million Miles (1.51 kilometers) billion kilometers).

Planets and the Moon
Planets and the Moon

The alignment of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn was not the only event that characterized the sky. At 2:02 am, the recently discovered asteroid # 2020GH flew near Earth, 212,360 miles (341,760 km) from the planet, and this visitor was not visible. In the night sky with the naked eye.


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