Pictures .. Ahmed Fathy alludes to continuing in Al-Ahly via a message from a fan


Ahmed Fathi, player of Al-Ahly team, via Al-Astori, on the social networking site, Instagram, posted a picture of the message from a Red Fort fan asking to remain inside the Red Castle.

The text of the message came as follows: “Walker, Fathi. We will not know how to replace your soul in the stadium de Tani.

The journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed all possible scenarios in front of Ahmed Fathi Dahir Ayman familyThe national team, after it was reported that Pyramids had retreated in the implementation of his contract with Fathi, beginning of next season.

Ahmed Shoubir, speaking on OnTime Sport channel, said: “There is a rumor that it was signed.” Ahmad Fathi With Pyramids, however, Pyramids is on the way to withdraw contract with the player, claiming that the coach wants a young player.

Ahmed Schubert added that with the assumption of the correctness of the circulating words, Fathi is in front of him, but joining Zamalek and on my responsibility Zamalek does not have the cash to pay 25 million pounds to Ahmed Fathi.

And Schubert went on to say that he remains the last scenario, which is returning to Al-Ahly, and it will only be through a call from him to officials in Al-Ahly’s administration, and he requests the return of negotiations because he is the one who ended the negotiation process after the 48-hour deadline.

Ahmed Schubert said that in the event that Fathi makes this step, I believe that the Al-Ahly administration will not be reluctant in case it needs the player technically, and Schubert added: Based on the foregoing, I expect Fathi’s return to Al-Ahly.

At the same time, Schubert confirmed that Mohamed Alaa, defender of Zamalek, had not yet renewed his contract with the White Castle

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