Players agent: Fathi was to sign for Zamalek and leave him stopping the deal


Sherif Abu Hamad

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Tuesday 14 April 2020 – 5:00 am
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Tuesday 14 April 2020 – 11:29 p

Sayed Merhi, the players ’agent, and Zamalek’s agent in the Abdullah Al-Saeed deal, confirmed that Ahmed Fathi, the recently joined Al-Ahly player, was close to signing Al-Abyad, but that two hours were causing the delay in completing the deal.

Sayyid Mari said during his interview with the “On Time Sport” channel about the signing of Al-Saeed for Zamalek and Fathi’s approach to the signature of Al-Ahly: “I visited Ahmed Fathi at his home and explained the situation to him, and he said to me,” Is Abdullah signed? “, I told him you have no income with Abdullah.

He added: “His speech after that was Mortada Mansour, Amir Mortada and Ismail Youssef, and we agreed on everything, and the difference between Fathi and Zamalek was only two hours.”

Merhi explained how Fathi was just two hours from the signature of Zamalek and said: “Fathi was filming an advertisement before the World Cup in Tahrir, and he sent us Mamdouh Eid, his agent, and sat with Ahmed Mortada and said to him,“ Does Mr. Merhi really have a mandate to contract Fathi with this amount? ”

He continued: «Amir Mortada answered and said to him: Yes, he does have a mandate, and Zamalek’s offer to Fathi was 30 million in two seasons, by 15 million in one season.

He continued: “Turki Al-Sheikh Turk left, based on contacts from officials of Al-Ahly Club, and the fourth hour at dawn, Fathi Al-Ahly at a hotel in Cairo, and he did not sign for Zamalek.”

It is worth noting that Ahmed Fathi signed to the Pyramids Club a few days ago, to move to him from Al-Ahly after the end of this season.


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