Players agent: Two hours behind the failure of the Fathi Zamalek deal … I have an accident


01:31 am

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Books- Ali Al-Bahji:

The player’s agent, Sayed Merhi, confirmed that he had entered into negotiations prior to that with Ahmed Fathi to move to Zamalek, in conjunction with the signing of Al Saeed in the White Castle.

Merhi said, in statements to the Al-Talatah program on OnTime Sports channel:

He added: “Fathi initially asked Abdullah Al-Saeed whether or not he signed, and Mortada Mansour and Ismail Youssef contacted him by phone.”

He explained, that things were going well, but on the signing day, two hours separated the deal, settling the deal for Al-Ahly, after Fathi was busy filming a publicity announcement and sent his agent, and after that he met with Turki Al-Sheikh in a hotel to end the deal for Al-Ahly.

Merhi explained that he has two offers for superstar Hossam Ashour, the player of Al-Ahly club in the Emirates, indicating that he does not mind moving to Zamalek.

“I am the agent of Hossam Ashour, and I own two offers for Ashour in the UAE.”

The players’ agent concluded: “If Hossam Ashour wishes to move to Zamalek, I do not mind.”

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