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Monday 06 April 2020

Books – Mostafa Ali:

Pastor Paul Halim, a spokesman for the Coptic Orthodox Church, revealed the position of the glorious Easter Mass, which is scheduled to take place on the evening of April 18 in light of the decision to continue the closure of churches recently issued by the church.

Pastor Paul Halim told Masrawy that the Mass of the feast will be held in monasteries this year instead of churches, and it is scheduled that his prayers will be presided over by Pope Tawadros in one of the monasteries, but his location has not been determined yet, as he will also preside over the prayers of the holy prayer (the prayers of the Holy Week of the Holy Week of Eid) Resurrection) from monasteries as well.

And on the position of the wedding wreaths that were postponed, Halim explained, that the wreaths decided to postpone them until things settle down and this applies to all churches, but there was no general directive for the churches about the position of reservations costs paid previously.

The Secretariat Committee of the Holy Synod decided last Thursday to continue to suspend all prayers in the churches, including the prayers of the Holy Week, which are considered one of the most important church occasions in the Coptic Orthodox Church, until the conditions stabilize and the health reasons for that have ended.

It also decided to postpone the rituals for the preparation of the holy chrism oil, which was to be prepared during the next week, and it is an ecclesiastical event of ecclesiastical, historical and pastoral significance, which is performed by the Pope with all the bishops and bishops of the Holy Synod.

This came with the assertion that funerals are limited to the family of the transferor only, and to stop the prayers of the wreaths, until the situation stabilizes, and the priests ’parents continue to follow the pastoral work of families, especially the special cases through social media.

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