Prosecuting the case of Hanin Hosam: A fourth border has been established, not the wild


09:27 PM

Thursday 23 April 2020

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Public Prosecution commented on the case of the accused, Hanin Hussam Abdel Qadir, that “fourth borders, land, air and sea boundaries have been created for our country and inevitably lead us to radical changes in the policy of legislation and administrative and judicial seizures, as we are facing new cyber borders in the field of websites, which needs to deter and take full precautions.” To guard it like any other border. ”

The opposition judge renewed the imprisonment of “Hanin”, 15 days in reserve pending investigations, for accusing her of attacking family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society, and establishing, managing and using special websites and accounts through social networking applications on the International Information Network with the aim of committing and facilitating the commission of that crime.

In a statement today, Thursday, the prosecution called on young and adult website users to contribute their active role in assisting the judicial and administrative police services to guard those developed borders, which include millions of sites, which can not limit the harmful ones and their evils, and lift the restrictions, and cover up behind False characters and false facts; except with comprehensive awareness and integrated interaction from all walks of life.

The Public Prosecution confirmed that this guarding is not an invitation to follow people or their own prohibitions, nor a prolongation or restriction of freedoms, nor a call to reaction and a refusal to develop; rather it is a response to the phenomena behind which forces of evil seek to corrupt our society, its values ​​and principles, and steal its innocence and purity, so it infiltrates it using it. His circumstances and distress are to push young and adult men into death with crimes whose elements are complete in the orbit of a new virtual electronic world. Thus, people in general and young people in particular are exploited, so is libido promoted only in calls for entertainment and amusement, and do girls fall into the traps of prostitution except by exploiting their weakness and social hardships.

And the prosecution stressed its commitment to its role in guarding these newly developed borders, and its resolute response to such crimes and their perpetrators aiming to deceive the youth of this nation, and to change its principles and established values; by taking all legal measures established to pursue them, track them, and submit them to successful criminal trials.

The Public Prosecution called on everyone, government, institutions, and the community of fathers and sons, to be cautious and to confront the developments of things that appear in mercy and within them torment, evils aiming to dispel values, decorate immorality, and make bad Muslims.

She concluded her statement: “Preserve the values ​​and principles of this ancient country, and fight corruption in all its forms and forms, and be patient and patient, and know that if the right is imposed on people a sentence they paid in bulk, and that will be sedition, then the great edifice is built into brick by brick, and the reform is only graduated and performed, and it is It is good for us to come to us every day of the world, and heresy is developed, and we celebrate a good year in it.

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