Q and A: Did Al-Ahly renew his desire to negotiate the purchase of Ramadan Subhi forever?


From time to time, the issue of Ramadan Sobhi, the loaned player of Al-Ahly from Huddersfield, imposes itself on the surface of footballing events. Offers from external clubs, so we will raise several questions regarding the future of Ramadan Sobhi in the following lines.

Q: What are the developments of the Ramadan Sobhy stay in Al-Ahly?

A: There are developments. The Al-Ahly club retreated from its previous position by freezing the deal and decided to enter into negotiations with the English club to buy the player permanently.

Q: When does Ramadan Sobhi loan to Al-Ahly end?

A: The loan was due to expire on June 30, but after the Corona crisis and FIFA’s decision to extend the loan it will continue Ramadan Sobhi With Al-Ahly until the end of the local and African season.

Q: Has Al-Ahly previously frozen the purchase negotiations for Ramadan Sobhi?

A: Yes .. Al-Ahly had decided not to buy Ramadan Sobhi at all from Huddersfield due to the British club’s overstatement of its requests to dispense with the player, after the English club requested 9 million pounds, which is a very large amount that made Al-Ahly back away from negotiations with the English club, before That the deal witnessed a breakthrough in the past few days.

Q: Why did Al-Ahly review its position and decided to renew negotiations with Ramadan?

A: Negotiations and a divine desire to include the player were renewed after the Huddersfield Club decided to reduce the amount required to dispense Ramadan Sobhi from 9 to 5 million pounds. Corona, which will definitely reduce the prices of all players in the world.

Q: What about the position of Filer, Al-Ahly’s technical director, regarding Ramadan Sobhi?

A: Of course, Feiler does not mind Ramadan, as he is an influential player for any team.

Q: What about Ramadan Sobhy’s position?

A: Ramadan made statements recently saying that he wanted to return to Europe, and he had offers from Italy, England and Turkey, but Al-Ahly might succeed in convincing him to stay if an agreement was reached with Huddersfield.


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