Queen Elizabeth II of the British: History will remember your efforts


Source: London – France Press

Queen Elizabeth II delivered a rare speech on Sunday evening, in which she encouraged the British to prove that they are up to the challenge posed by the new Corona virus, and said, “History will remember your efforts.”

The letter came at a time when the government threatened to tighten the isolation in the event that it was mocked by the spring weather.

The Queen announced that she is speaking to citizens in a “time of increasing difficulty, a time of turmoil in our country’s life that brought grief to some and financial difficulties for many, and enormous changes in the daily life of all of us.”

She added: “I hope that in the coming years everyone will be able to be proud of the way we faced this challenge, and those who come after us will say that the British of this generation were strong.”

In the speech, the Queen stressed that “self-discipline and calm design with a sense of humor and a sense of fellowship are still a feature of this country,” in which the death toll rose to 4313, including a five-year-old child.

The speech is the fourth word that Elizabeth II, 93, has addressed to the British in exceptional circumstances since she ascended the throne 68 years ago.

According to a tally published on Saturday, 4,313 people died in hospitals, including a five-year-old child and several medical care workers, while 41,903 people were officially registered. Among them is the heir to the British throne Prince Charles who has recovered and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The Queen delivered her speech from Windsor Palace, where she moved with her 98-year-old husband, Philip, on March 19 as part of measures to prevent the emerging corona virus. Royal Palace officials confirmed that the spouses were in good health and following the directions of the government.

Their son, Prince Charles, 71, who spent isolation after mild symptoms of Corona, inaugurated on Thursday the video through a new 4,000-bed field hospital in East London, in which serious cases will be treated.

The word Queen in exceptional circumstances is the first since the death of her mother in 2002. A word was addressed to the British on the eve of the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997. Before that she was addressed during the Gulf War in 1991.

And on Sunday, the government once again called on the British to respect isolation measures not to contribute to the outbreak of the epidemic and not to go out for walks despite the sunny spring weather, especially in public parks.

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