“Radwan was killed,” the date of the premiere of the series Mohamed Ramadan, on the DMC channel, and the date of the re-episode, Prince


Prince’s series for the star Mohamed Ramadan on the DMC channel, millions of followers of Egyptian drama are searching today for the date of the presentation of the Prince series, which is presented on the Egyptian DMC channel, and thousands of viewers are watching the new series of the artist Mohamed Ramadan for the season of Ramadan 2020, and through this article we provide you with a show date Prince series on the dmc channel

Prince series for the star Mohamed Ramadan on the DMC channel

The Prince series of the star Mohamed Ramadan will be shown on the DMC channel at 7:45 pm, and the episode will be repeated at 2:00 pm.

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Prince series of the star Mohamed Ramadan

This year the controversial star always presents the Prince series and with a wonderful group of stars participating in the work, among them, Ahmed Zahir, Regina, Mohamed Alaa Jamaica, and others. And the Prince series, produced by Synergy, directed by Mohamed Samy, and in their third collaboration over the past years through the legend series and the arrest answer movie.

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Prince series

Millions of viewers are waiting for the events of the Prince series to be displayed on various channels, the most important of which is the DMC channel, which owns the exclusive broadcast rights of the series, as the series will be shown on the WATCH IT platform, and every year everyone watches the dramas presented by the star Mohamed Ramadan despite the attack that he is exposed to Because of some of the unacceptable deeds in recent times, and in addition to the popularity of songs and clips issued throughout the year.

After presenting the first episode of the Prince series of the star Mohamed Ramadan and the Lebanese artist Nour, the search engines on Google increased in search of the Prince series, which is likely to obtain high viewing rates between the Ramadan series 2020 race, because it overcame the series, the comic nature that viewers love, Besides, many expected that the series through the events of the first episode will be different from the previous series of artist Mohamed Ramadan.


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