Ramadan Moon .. Dora congratulates its fans for the coming of the Holy Month with a picture with a veil


Congratulated The artist DoraOn the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the Tunisian star contented itself with publishing her picture wearing the veil through the “Story” feature on her personal account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, and Dora wrote on the image, “Ramadan Kareem”.

Two days ago, the artist Dora shared with her followers and her audience a picture of the wheel of memories, with her mother via her Asturian personal account on the Instagram site, and Dora appeared in the picture while her mother was lying on a sofa inside their house, and the picture came in black and white, and appears in her adolescence, to restore her memories With her mother.


In statements to the star a few days ago, she said that the justifications of workers in the medical system towards the movie “One and One Nights” are fully appreciated and respected, stressing that her role in the film does not harm nurses at all, and the role of art is to present the negatives and positives, stressing that the work was carried out two years ago and was presented in The theaters, but his coming to YouTube at the moment is not the responsibility of the artist or actor, and she continued: “You are above our head from above and we appreciate you and respect you very much .. We must nullify the anger of the needs de .. any profession in which this is this“.

Dora added, during a phone call to the “Ninth” program, presented by Wael Al-Ibrashi, through the Egyptian Channel One, that the angels of mercy and the white army have all appreciation and respect from us, explaining that the actor is performing a character from the author’s inspiration, and she continued: “We are not responsible for The timing of the movie’s landing on YouTube“.


The artist Dora confirmed that there were many artistic works that were previously presented and dealt with workers in the health system, and we must move away from the idea of ​​generalization because the White Army is known for its sacrifices even before the Corona crisis, and she continued: “My role in the film expresses a woman who supports two children and is very poor and poor, making her do Things wrong in order to spend on her family“.

The last cinematic works of Dora were the movie “Day and Night”, directed by Ayman Makram, and authored by Yahya Fekry, starring Khaled El Nabawy, Ahmed El Fishawy, Hanan Motawea, Khaled Sarhan, Mohamed Adel, and others from the stars, and its events revolve around one of the police secretaries, who are responsible for researching some issues Social, especially those issues that relate to the crises of the poor within the birth of the woman, and the problems they are exposed to.

Dorah recently presented “Without a Guide” on a channel cbc Of the 45 episodes, Khaled Selim, Hazem Samir, Islam Gamal, Omar El Shennawy, Nicola Moawad, Diana Hisham, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Ashraf Zaki and Mohamed Lotfy Shaheen, written by Anji Alaa and directed by Manal El Saify and produced by Synergy, participated in the championship.


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