Ramez Jalal is spending Ramadan in the medical stone .. Details


Echo learned the country that once the artist returns Ramez Galal From the UAE coming to Egypt in the coming hours, after recording a number of episodes of the Maqbal Program for Ramadan 2020, he will stay in the medical quarantine in a Cairo hotel for 14 days in conjunction with the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramez Jalal uses the Yemeni media, Arwa, who preferred to stay in Dubai away from her family in Beirut, to commit to filming the program.

It is expected that Ramez Jalal will appear during the first half of the episode to the guest with his true personality, and delude him that he is exposed to the same pranks with him and that they are not managed by him.

Ramez Jalal tried to distance suspicion from celebrities, and leaked news some time ago about filming his new program in the Philippine Islands.

Ramez presented the Ramez program in the waterfall last year, and the prank starts hosting the program team for one of the stars of art, sport or media, and it is connected to a place in one of the East Asian islands where he is exposed to an unexpected adventure, hence the excitement and horror begins for the guest, then a gorilla meter appears. “Among the trees and bushes, unexpectedly in front of the guest after what he thinks he has survived, which increases his fear and fear.


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