Researchers are developing an application to control the fear and anxiety associated with the outbreak of corona around the world


Researchers have developed an application “PanicMechanic“To help those suffering from panic attacks and fear due to coronary epidemic Corona (COVID-19New to controlling their anxiety, as this app can work anytime, anywhere.

It uses “PanicMechanic“The camera on the phone to measure the body’s response to panic, using a similar approach to photography.

“Activating the application and pressing your finger on the flash gives you an objective measure of your reaction to stress and tension,” said Ryan McGuinness, associate professor at Vermont University in the United States and co-developer of the application.

“Panic controls a person and makes them feel unable to control their body, and by showing a person’s physiological arousal patterns, it can help to gain a sense of control of the panic,” said Elaine McGuinness, one of the developers of the application.

In addition to showing a measure of the body’s response to panic, the app also asks the user several questions such as: “How many hours of sleep and exercise did you have, what did you eat, your anxiety level, and if you were taking drugs or alcohol?”

These questions are designed to occupy a person with panic, and also provide data on avoidable behaviors and triggers associated with panic in the future, and the application also predicts the duration of the panic attack, based on previous attacks.

This is the key, said Elaine McGuinness, because one of the most frightening aspects of the panic attack is that it seems that it will never end.

It uses PanicMechanic Machine learning to ensure the accuracy of the data it collects about the user’s heart, Ryan McGuinness said: “A test showed that people cannot always put their fingers on their cell phones and get an accurate heart rate reading, so it helps PanicMechanic Those who suffer from panic attacks learn to understand the nature of such seizures. “


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