“Resentment and sarcasm” … How did the audience interact with the Mais Hamdan announcement?


05:27 PM

Saturday 25 April 2020

Books – Bahira Foda:

Mays Hamdan’s announcement about underwear that was broadcast yesterday with the start of the month of Ramadan occupied the list of popular content on the social networking site Twitter.

The pioneers of social media mocked the advertisement with comic photos and comments, as shown in the album above:

On his part, Saleh Al-Salhi, the reporter of the complaints committee of the Supreme Council for the Regulation of Information, said that the committee will examine the company’s new announcement, with each member expressing his opinion, and then the committee will announce its recommendation if it is confirmed that there is a violation.

In Masrawy’s statements, he added that the council is keen to implement all programs and advertisements for the Ramadan season of standards and codes that guarantee the viewer’s respect and not to broadcast or publish any offensive material.

John Talat, a member of the Communications and Information Technology Committee in the House of Representatives, also submitted a request for a briefing to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of State for Media Affairs about broadcasting indecent advertisement material on television on the start of Ramadan.

The deputy pointed out that there is a state of anger that dominated a large number of citizens because of the announcement in which Mays Hamdan appeared to sing in inappropriate terms as well as some provocative movements of the viewers, he said.


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