Resolution of Saudi Arabia regarding praying in mosques during Ramadan (details)


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The deputy of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad al-Aqil, announced that the suspension of prayers in mosques due to the Corona virus will continue even during the holy month of Ramadan.

Al-Aqil said in a televised intervention: “Unless a decision is issued by the concerned authorities to the contrary, the suspension will continue.”

He pointed out that «the decision to suspend came to prevent the transmission of the virus between worshipers».

For his part, Under-Secretary-General for Grand Mosque Affairs Ahmed Al-Mansoori emphasized that “there is a supreme committee that assesses all the measures and steps taken in the side of curbing the outbreak of the Corona virus.”

He said: “The implementation will take place in light of the recommendations resulting from the committee during the evaluation of the general situation.”

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